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Welcome to the terms and conditions page of Need 12 Month Loans. This site is meant only for the citizens who are living in United Kingdom. It is requested that carefully read all terms, conditions, notes and disclaimers carefully before you further start browsing.  Any individual who decides to use any of our products and services is expected to follow these terms and conditions. However, you can only use our services if you are able to keep up with payments.  We offer an exclusive variety of loan deals to all our customers through telephone, email or any other communication mode.  If you are availing any of our products and services, it is just an indication that you are entering into conformity with us.

People, who are not willing to abide these terms and conditions for any reason, please do not make use of our website. We hold every legal right to alter information given on this page anytime without informing you in advance.  So, it is solely your responsibility to browse through this page carefully every time you visit our site or prefer to use any of our services.  We take no responsibility if you do not check this page regularly.

Material or content that you will come across while browning through this website is just meant for information purpose. We are not money lenders. As an online entity, we just work to get in contact with United Kingdom’s trusted lenders and brokers who will offer you loan deal according to your existing needs.

As slated above, these loans are crafted only for people living in United Kingdom and you can make use of this site only for legal purpose.  If we found that you are making use of information for commercial or personal usage then we have right to take legal actions against you.

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