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Ques.) What are the eligibility criteria to apply for loan?
Ans.) We have kept eligibility criteria as simple as we can. All those UK citizens who meet these pre-requisites can apply for loan through us. a borrower has to be a citizen of United Kingdom, he must be into regular job, should be having an active bank account, must be getting salary and should have crossed 18 years age mark. If you are one those UK residents who fulfil these conditions then apply now.

Ques.) Is it possible for bad creditors to apply?
Ans.) Yes, very much. We are offering loan deals to all those who apply with us without any discrimination. You will be given an approval provided we are satisfied with information that you have shared. Bankruptcy, arrears, county court judgments, foreclosures an individual voluntary arrangements will not be the reason for your rejection when applying with us.

Ques.) How will I repay amount taken as loan?
Ans.) Repaying borrowed amount is extremely easy and flexible when you are choosing to apply with us.  Although all our loan deals come with a repayment date however if you fail to pay leaned money on time you can get rollover date.

Ques.) What if an applicant does not want to disclose the purpose of taking money?
Ans.) That makes no difference to us for we are not interested to know about the purpose for which you need money. It can be used for satisfying any of your needs right starting from paying kid’s school fee or buying medicine.

Ques.) Is it possible for people living on rented accommodation or as non-homeowner to apply?
Ans.) Yes, we are providing loan deals to people living all over United Kingdom. No asset evaluation, just easy money will be coming to you even if you are living as a tenant.

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